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Through La Force de Vie, Georges Lavoisier offers to get rid of all your discomfort / inconvenience caused by allergies and other intolerance.

A fast, efficient, durable and above all non-invasive method. You will never be in contact with your allergen during treatment. It doesn’t require any injection or medication.


If you suffer from:

  •      Hay fever or pollen allergies (red eyes, itchy eyes, difficult breathing, runny nose, sneezing repeatedly )
  •      Allergies to animal’s hair (itchy eyes, red eyes, itches, difficulty breathing, runny nose, sneezing repeatedly )
  •      Food allergy / food intolerance (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue after meals )
  •      Side effects of medication (fatigue, upset stomach, intestinal problem …)

you probably have allergies or intolerance that can be quickly relieved by our method.

You are tired of:

  • being worried when ordering in a restaurant
  • running shelves in search of the product “without”
  • depending on pollen forecasts to plan your outdoor activities
  • having to avoid contact with those of your friends who own pets for fear of triggering a crisis

Are you  tired of those constraints and discomforts? We can only help you if you first decide to contact us here!