Forget all about your allergies

Forget all about your allergies

Welcome on Stop Allergy

A fast, efficient, durable and above all non-invasive method. You will never be in contact with your allergen during treatment. It doesn’t require any injection or medication.

Get rid of all your discomfort and inconveniences caused by allergies and other intolerance.

If you suffer from:

  • Hay fever or pollen allergies (red eyes, itchy eyes, difficult breathing, runny nose, sneezing repeatedly )
  • Allergies to animal’s hair (itchy eyes, red eyes, itches, difficulty breathing, runny nose, sneezing repeatedly )
  • Food allergy / food intolerance (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue after meals )
  • Side effects of medication (fatigue, upset stomach, intestinal problem …)

then you probably have allergies or intolerance that can be quickly relieved by our method.

You are tired of:

  • depending on pollen forecasts to plan your outdoor activities
  • being worried when ordering in a restaurant
  • running shelves in search of the product “without”
  • having to avoid contact with those of your friends who own pets for fear of triggering a crisis

Are you tired of those constraints and discomforts? We can only help you if you first decide to contact us !

I was a bit skeptical about this treatment for allergies when i first heard about it. Since age of 13, I have suffered terribly from horse, cat, and dog allergies. I am 58 now, and had not pet a dog or cat in 45 years. I went for treatment with George Lavoisier in April and returned to the US, where i reside, and decided to give it a try. I have never entered my best friend’s house on account of his 2 cats, so i decided to try it for half an hour. After seeing that i had no reaction, i came back the next night and stayed for four hours. I was able to pet the cat – and he actually spent time on my lap. Since then, i have been around dogs, horses and cats and I no longer am allergic. I spent countless amounts of money on allergy treatments over the years with absolutely nothing to show for it. Now after three sessions with George, I am cured. I still don’t quite understand how it works, but it has been a life-changer for me. Though I know this is not a miracle in the true sense, in my mind it is indeed a miracle. I love animals and finally, after 45 years, i am able to enjoy them. George is amazing and i will forever be grateful to him.

Charly Adler

24 May 2015 at 13 h 11 min