Procedure for the treatment

The substance to which you are allergic will need to be present. If you are unsure of the allergens that are affecting you, Georges may be able to determine them using his own stock of common allergens. It may not be necessary to bring in a sample of an allergen, as Georges may already have it, but if you do know which substances you are allergic to, please let Georges know when you schedule your appointment and he will let you know whether you will need to bring in a sample.

As the person holds the substances to which they are reacting, the associated organ is found which is harboring this reaction. It is not necessary to touch or otherwise interact with the allergen during the process—simply holding the bag or vial containing the allergen close to the body is adequate. The nervous system is then stimulated along the spine by means of massage or mild percussion which, in essence, reprograms the body to no longer react to the substance. The substance is then placed on various parts of the body (sinuses, brain, various organs, etc.) to determine which local area is reacting to this substance. Each area found to be positive with the reaction is then reprogrammed using the same system. Assuming you can comfortably sit and lie down, there is no pain during this process.

What is Allergy Desensitization?

The theory behind this technique comes from the work of Dr. Victor Frank and is derived from his Total Body Modification (TBM) technique, also available at La Force de Vie. Through years of testing and experience with the original technique, this particular variation of allergy desensitization was modified and developed by ,Gary L. Storkan DC. While deeper allergy patterns may require two to three sessions, most patients experience full and long-lasting relief after only one session. Following the procedure, foods may be immediately eaten with no evidence of ever having caused a reaction, chemicals and pets will no longer cause a reaction, and pollens will cease to cause a reaction within 1 to 2 days. The technique is completely non-invasive and lasts for years.
The theory behind this practice states that all things contain or radiate an energy field unique to itself. Your body also radiates such a field of energy. When substances, living things, and other energies interact with your body’s energy field, it responds either positively or negatively. Muscle testing is used as a means to detect these responses by your body. Through this, the substance to which a person is allergic can be determined, and the energy field manipulated to no longer react in a negative way.