Total Body Modification (TBM) is a comprehensive system of alternative healing compiled by Victor L. Frank, DC, NMD and first taught in 1978.  As a trained chiropractor, naturopath, osteopath, charter diplomate of Applied Kinesiology and a radionics practitioner, Dr. Frank was able to create a synthesis of the healing arts that is unparalleled in scope, effectiveness and efficiency.
Drawing from the alternative medicine roots planted by Franz Anton Mesmer, MD, in 1766, Dr. Frank developed an integrative approach to restoring the body’s self-regulation and, thereby, healing capacity by working through the autonomic nervous system.  TBM rapidly restores function-specific and global energetic harmony to the human body resulting in seemingly miraculous, yet predictable, changes in a patients’ state of health. That makes TBM a perfect approach for allergy desensitization.

What is Allergy Desensitization?

The theory behind this technique comes from the work of Dr. Victor Frank and is derived from his Total Body Modification (TBM) technique, also available at La Force de Vie. Through years of testing and experience with the original technique, this particular variation of allergy desensitization was modified and developed by ,Gary L. Storkan DC. While deeper allergy patterns may require two to three sessions, most patients experience full and long-lasting relief after only one session. Following the procedure, foods may be immediately eaten with no evidence of ever having caused a reaction, chemicals and pets will no longer cause a reaction, and pollens will cease to cause a reaction within 1 to 2 days. The technique is completely non-invasive and lasts for years.
The theory behind this practice states that all things contain or radiate an energy field unique to itself. Your body also radiates such a field of energy. When substances, living things, and other energies interact with your body’s energy field, it responds either positively or negatively. Muscle testing is used as a means to detect these responses by your body. Through this, the substance to which a person is allergic can be determined, and the energy field manipulated to no longer react in a negative way.

Side-Effects of Allergy Desensitization

There are no known side-effects of this technique. Most people experience full relief after one session, but from time to time, particularly severe or deep allergy patterns may require one or two subsequent treatments.


There are no contraindications of this technique, however, those who are currently experiencing an infectious disease should wait until they are healthy again to make an appointment.
A note about Anaphylaxis: Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening type of allergic reaction. Its onset is extremely rapid—usually within minutes. While many people have experienced partial or even full relief of such deep allergies through this technique, it is not recommended to interact with such allergens after undergoing the process without the proper precautions. There is no guarantee that these deep and life threatening allergic reactions can be permanently or even partially relieved.