Harmonization of allergies is a natural, effective and fast approach. It has its roots in chiropractics, traditional Chinese medicine and applied kinesiology. When we do an harmonization the body is the main actor of healing. Through muscle testing the body delivers the therapist the needed information to make the appropriate corrections. The intelligence of this approach is twofold; on one hand it respects natural healing mechanisms by not seeking to replace or remove them and on the other hand it trusts the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself.

The corrections are painless stimuli that restore the natural functioning of the appropriate and previously identified organs. This is a minimal approach which means that  only the organs that are stressed by the allergen are  being corrected. Once the correction is made, the body can normally manage the allergen and no longer reacts. Three allergens can be harmonized each session. The effects are immediate and definitive in 95% of cases.


  • no injection

  • no medicine

  • no danger

Treated allergies

  • pollen

  • pet’s hair

  • foods

  • chemicals

  • dust

  • dust mites

  • cosmetics

  • secondary effects due to medication

  • household products

  • pesticides

  • herbicides

  • etc…